Jeannine McCurrie

The course of our lives can change in a blink! You wake up one morning and find the life you knew no longer exists and you have been launched into a life that you do not recognize as a result of illnes, death of a spouse or divorce. With it comes overwhelming grief, stress and uncertainty. Having a back up plan in place can allow you to focus on healing and finding your way back on course. It has become my passion to help others prepare a ‘Plan B’, after experiencing the sudden death of my husband and becoming a single parent and widow. Through this experience, I have learned how fortunate I was to have had a ”plan b” in place but also what vital pieces were missing from mine that I now share with others. After experiencing my brother’s murder, he was 33 and left behind a wife and three children, all under the age of 7. Two years later my father died at the age of 64 from health issues which were a result of being a smoker for over 45 years. He suffered from influenza, hypertension, strokes and dementia.

I hoped that if there was a grief score card that existed, perhaps mine had reached its limit. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

September 18, 2008, my husband Darin was admitted to emergency as a result of being treated for Bronchitis and he was rapidly getting worse. It was in the emergency room that he was diagnosed with fluid around his heart and blood clots in his legs and lungs. He had portions of his lung that was no longer functioning and a CT scan which indicated suspicion of cancer. On September 19, 2008, while in surgery, a blood clot took his life. My husband was 37 years old, our daughter was 4 and our son, just 8 months.